translated from Spanish: Outrageous receipts from cfE

The coronavirus pandemic has left serious economic impacts in Mexico, from the entrepreneur who has had to close its establishment, the drop in sales, the thousands of jobs that have been lost and the lack of income that many families have for nearly two months, when the confinement began. Staying at home has been very costly for millions of people. And this month many families have received a hard new blow to their pockets, when they received the federal Electricity Commission with the consumption they made in the months of March and April. This has generated great public outrage, because there have been cases where they doubled and even tripled from one month, or bimonthly, to another. With the closure with which the CFE has been managed in this federal administration headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, no one has come out to clarify this, because even if it is an increase in consumption, the government company must be more sensitive because of the situation that the country goes through, because people are forced to stay in their homes to work to work , taking classes, and that raises the consumption of electricity. But one thing that is not understood is why, if there are closed shops, and restaurants operating without dining rooms, the receipts came just as high. That looks incongruous and deserves to be thoroughly reviewed.

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