translated from Spanish: ‘Virtual Pañuelazo’ in support of legalization of abortion in Guanajuato

Guanajuato. – They call on the feminist collectives to ‘Pañuelazo Virtual’ with the aim of supporting the initiative in favor of the decriminalization of abortion in the state of Guanajuato, according to the publications on social networks. The maertes May 26 will hold a demonstration in a virtual way that shows the support for the #AbortoLegalYa, the collectives invite the community to join the diaper and tag them on social networks.

The dynamics to which the collectives invite you to upload a photo on the day of the state congress, where users wear a green scarf and tag the collectives in addition to using the up #SeraLeyGuanajuato, #AbortoLegalYa, as well as #PañuelazoVirtual.This is done pending the response to the two incitives that were presented on March 5 of the current year before the Guanajuato Congreo, in favor of the legalization of abortion in the state.

According to a note published by EL DEBATE, on 20 May the working tables began, where dialogues would be held with different sectors of society that would present their position in the face of initiatives. The first working table was held with members of feminist groups pro aborto, the second day was executed on May 22 with the pro-life associations, on the 25th the positions with public officials would be discussed and on Tuesday the 26th the opinion of the decision reached by the State Congress will be given.
You may be interested: They discuss initiative to legalize abortion in GuanajuatoExigen a Bronco veto anti-abortion education reform of Mexican women abort in poor conditions because of pandemicSde of last week that began the dialogue days, the #SeraLeyGuanajuato has remained among the trends in social networks, receiving the support of feminists and sometimes also from pro-life associations who share their stance in the face of the decriminalization of abortion.

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