translated from Spanish: Benjamin Vicuña revealed why his children are all called with the initial «B»

The Chilean actor opened his heart for an instagram Live interview, alongside journalist María Luisa Godoy. He began to tell about the happiness of being a dad again, and he also talked about the logistics he put together so he could spend time with his sons living with his mom, Pampita. In that context the journalist asked her where the tradition of calling her children with the letter «B» came from: Blanca, Bautista, Beltran, and Benicio.The four children she had with the modelBenjamín told her that it was actually a coincidence: «It was a weird thing. May 15 was Blanca’s birthday, and she was born a 15th as my Isabel, my mom. I remember my mom was on the road and she told me she was going to catch a plane on her 15th, on her birthday, because she knew the baby was going to wait for her, » and she kept going. 

Benjamin Vicuña revealed why his children are all called with the initial «B»

«Just because of those things in life my mom came on the 15th, which was her birthday and when my daughter was born. And since I love my mom so much, I told her that I wanted to name my daughter, her name is Isabel Margarita, but she told me to name her as her mom, Blanca. A lady also very nice, super special and very mystical, religious. So, we put White on my White.» And the rest was given by a coincidence, Benjamin said, «Then it was given as a coincidence that the one who came after was called Bautista, because we were looking for a name. He was born in Argentina and I didn’t like that name, he didn’t understand if he was an athlete. And there we meet B-prisoners, we figure out what to call the third, Beltran. There began a pseudo tradition that followed (which followed with Benicio). But there’s nothing more than that.»

Let us remember that now, she is in a couple with Argentine actress China Suarez with whom she already has a daughter, Magnolia, and they are expecting a new son who would be the sixth for Benjamin and the third for China.  

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