translated from Spanish: Humble homes were consumed by a fire in Zamora

Zamora, Michoacán.- On Tuesday afternoon, there was a heavy fire in the Colony Ferrocarril Section «V» of this city of Zamora, which wiped out at least four humble dwellings that were mostly built of wood and cardboard sheets, fortunately there were no injured people.

The accident was recorded in several premises located on The Street Ferrocarril at the height of the numeral 862, where quickly organized the neighbors and with buckets of water tried to control the fire, but this was very intense.
Minutes later came the lifeguards of Civil Protection and Municipal Firefighters who immediately began to fight the flames and after several minutes managed to quell the accident, which had unfortunately already ravaged all of at least 4 houses.

Likewise, elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard supported in safeguarding the area, at the moment the reasons why the burning began are ignored, but the Vulcans said that it could probably be a short in the electrical installation.

The owners of the houses indicated that the amount of the damage is about 60 thousand pesos, since nothing could be rescued, so they would go to the municipal authorities to request support.

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