translated from Spanish: Woman is killed up in helping injury from an accident in Culiacan

Sinaloa.- Daniela Esther, 34, and Rosa Isela, 20, lost their lives after they allegedly tried to assist crew members of a vehicle in Lomas del Sol, whose driver crashed into a tree, a house and a pole, along Las Américas boulevard.The alleged perpetrator of the kneeling also died when they crashed their unit into the sinister car.

Version of the accident that would leave three dead in Culiacan
At around 02:30 a.m., on the aforementioned boulevard north of Culiacan, C-4 was alerted to a car accident involving a white Volkswagen, and it was indicated that there were people pressed. It was disclosed that the driver, Karla Consuelo N., who was in the company of Rosa Isela, when taking a descent, lost control of the steering wheel, until he left head-on against a tree, to end up crashing into a house and finally against a pole, being supposedly pressed.

The cars were completely lost. Photo: The Debate / Luis Pérez

After the strong encounter, neighbors went out to provide support, including Daniela Esther and Erika Janeth, as well as a third person. In an instant the mishap ended in tragedy: a motorist driving in the same lane from south to north failed to turn the accident vehicle around, ending up to overthrow Daniela and also the young Rosa Isela, the latter when she was allegedly sitting on a sidewalk, waiting for them to come to her first aid. At that time, dozens of young men approached to help the victims, while Red Cross paramedics checked the patients, but unfortunately two of them had already died. Only Karla Consuelo, who was driving the Jetta, and Erika Janeth had to be immediately sent to various hospitals when she had severe injuries to her body. Those who were at the scene helped load them on a stretcher to get them into the ambulance. The place was delimited for forensic staff to do their job in terms of collecting all kinds of evidence. Researchers from the Ares Group supported the work, and after an hour the bodies had to be deposited in the local amphitheatre.

Civilians helped get the ambulance injured. Photo: The Debate / Luis Pérez

In addition to the bodies lying on the pavement, the material damage of the two vehicles was observed, which were considered total loss. It was said that even the engine of one of the two cars was lying meters ahead, and likewise other parts were detached, as well as some tires. 

The drive units were towed in cranes to be deposited in a boarding house. Transit agents conducted a series of field investigations. Finally, the health status of the two survivors is unknown, in addition to the causes that could cause the mishap.

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