translated from Spanish: Ministry of Transport reiterates validity of vehicular restriction for Santiago

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications recalled that during June, until August, the permanent vehicle restriction schedule governing the Metropolitan Region for catalytic vehicles registered before September 2011, which establishes the 2-digit daily traffic ban, was maintained. The measure, which is part of the Ministry of the Environment’s decontamination plan, aims to protect air quality, with children, older adults and the most vulnerable in mind, whose health could be aggravated and added to the situation generated by COVID-19. The vehicle restriction is mainly controlled with the Control Program cameras installed in different arteries of the capital and Carabineros, so the call is to inform themselves of vehicles prohibited from driving and plan trips in order to avoid violations. It is important to clarify that, following the total quarantine decreed in the area of validity of the restriction, permits and/or safe conduct do not exempt vehicles from this measure, so they maintain the prohibition of driving. As last year, there is a daily two-digit daily traffic restriction for catalytic vehicles and motorcycles registered before September 1, 2011, which cannot be circulated inside the Américo ring between 7:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., according to its last digit of patent plate and according to the following calendar:- Monday: 6 and 7- Tuesday: 8 and 9- Wednesday: 0 and 1- Thursday: 2 and 3- Friday: 4 and 5The MTT disposed of the website to solve the concerns of motorists, as well as a search engine where-entering the vehicle patent-you can know if it is affected to measure. Furthermore, taking into account the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, an exception was made for vehicles for the special use of health personnel in public or private establishments and which have emergency services. The request must be made by the respective health establishment, indicating the vehicle data, along with their documentation on the website www.mtt.gob.clo to the email

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