translated from Spanish: Gollán: “If quarantine is lifted, in 15 days we will see corpses piling up”

Following the mobilizations that groups of demonstrators made on Saturday in several cities in protest against quarantine, the Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollán, went out to the crossing and anticipated a chilling future if it is decided to lift the preventive isolation.” If the quarantine is lifted, in fifteen or twenty days, we start to see the images of New York, Manaus or Italy and Spain, with corpses piling up in cold rooms, in the streets or in the geriatrics,” the official said.

In that vein, the Bonaerense minister explained that for now the health system of the province is fine, with reservations of unused beds and only 40% of the intensive care beds occupied. However, he warned: “If the growth rate (of contagions) doesn’t stop, no health system, however prepared it is, will be able to withstand the peak.” If the contagions were distributed throughout the year, the system would endure. But when it happens in a month or two, you see the images we already know,” he told Radio 10 in a statement, Gollán criticized the protests against confinement and indicated that they were politically driven. “If this happens (the collapse of the health system), the same people who were at these marches will tell why everything was opened. They’re politically manipulated marches,” he said.

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