translated from Spanish: Emergency Family Income: Start paying the second round of the $10,000

The National Social Security Administration (Anses) reported that this Monday, June 8, will begin paying the $10,000 of the second round of the Family Emergency Income (IFE), on a schedule that will be extended to five weeks and will reach nearly 9 million people nationwide. The bonus, which is an aid in trying to alleviate the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), will first be deposited for the beneficiaries of the Universal Allocations according to the latest number of the ID, starting with zero.

According to the scheme, it will be collected tomorrow by the holders of the AUH and will finish doing so on 22 June while EUA holders will start doing so on Wednesday and will complete their collection on 24 this month. Then, if you have chosen to charge the IFE for a deposit in your bank account through Uniform Banking Key (CBU), also with a logistics that will be governed by the termination of the ID. Payment for this segment would start on June 23 and extend until July 6, so then it will be the turn of the unbanked beneficiaries. Unlike the payment of the first round of the IFE, in which beneficiaries could choose to collect by withdrawing the money at ATMs from the Banelco or Link networks or via Correo Argentino, now the goal is that all payments are channeled through banks and that a savings bank be opened to ensure their financial inclusion.” For those who do not have CBU we are going to make them go to the bank so that, in addition to the ten thousand pesos, they leave with an account so we manage to bank the 9 million Argentines who receive the IFE today,” said Fernanda Raverta, the executive director of Anses.

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