translated from Spanish: La Dehesa Golf Club is denounced for forcing his gardeners to lie to work in quarantine

A CNN report revealed workers would have been forced to violate quarantine in order to continue their gardening duties on the courts of the Lomas golf club in La Dehesa and claimed to have been pressured into lying in the face of possible monitoring of carabineros. For these purposes his employer would have adulterated collective safe conduct, a deception he was willing to repeat at the time of the document’s expiration, on Monday, but this time passing up those who work in the green areas as vigilantes. It should be noted that employees of the exclusive club not only risk arrest, but this situation jeopardizes their safety and health. It was finally an audit of carabinieri that exposed this alarming situation, after which one of the workers pointed out that “we can’t do anything else, if not-“, he continued with a gesture that suggests that he would be fired. In this regard Enrique Valdés, general manager of the club, stated that “there is a situation of a vacuum, that in the face of the need to maintain 35 green hectares, which is a park, private, but which contributes to the atmosphere, of about 5 thousand trees. They have to be maintained. The only way for us to obtain the use, because there is a gap in the definition, was to assimilate it to the closest thing, which was ‘agricultural activities, silvoagropearia and agricultural producers'”. But this assertion is incorrect, because as they point out in the report, it is not a vacuum, but an express indication of health authority. Lieutenant Colonel Juan Velasquez, commissioner of the Virtual Police Station, stated in this regard that “When the item is not found in the processing or in the requirement of a single collective permit, it is because simply the company is not considered as a basic company”. In this sense, the employer would be in violation of article 210 of the Penal Code. That is, an offence with lower prison sentences to its minimum to medium, and fines ranging from six to ten UTM.

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