translated from Spanish: Justice gives Jeep and U.S. reason bans sale of an Indian 4×4

Each original creation seems to have its copy or likeness. It happens with brands, apparel and even car models. The FCA Group recently won a lawsuit on Mahindra, who will no longer be able to sell a vehicle in the United States.The Detroit-based group filed the lawsuit two years ago. From that moment on, the U.S. International Trade Commission began investigating the design of the Mahindra Roxor for its resemblance to the legendary Jeep CJ-7.

1946 Jeep CJ. Photo: Wikipedia/Bull-Doser.

At the time, Mahindra defended himself by referring to an agreement signed by Fiat in 2009 that gave him freedom to use the design of the grilles of Jeep models. FCA did not intended any financial compensation, but that the Indian manufacturer does not import the Roxor model or any copied design part. And they finally got it. Within the documents in the case, the Commission ensures that the Roxor is too similar to the Jeeps of yesteryear and imposed an order preventing the importation into the US of su-rounders as well as their components.

FCA previously stated in court that the Roxor was an «almost identical copy» of its Jeep Wrangler and its predecessors, the Jeep Willys and the Jeep CJ7, especially the slots on its grille.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

On the other hand, Mahindra explained he was willing to change the design of the Roxor, even trying to do so early last year with an update that the details similar to the original Jeeps. However, the Indian manufacturer believes that FCA is trying to obtain «a practical monopoly on the import and sale of components used in any square, open-roof and military-style vehicle.»
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