translated from Spanish: Posed as indigenous, and thus will be Deputy federal

Roberto Antonio Rubio Montejo, former Secretary of the Governor Manuel Velasco, it was designated by falsifying documents and impersonating indigenous of Chiapas, to meet requirements election and become a federal provincial Council candidate.
And yet, with that reported by the average Chiapas parallel history, Rubio Montejo will be Deputy federal.
Although the Xalapa Regional room of the TEPJF had annulled the victory of the formula of blonde Montejo and Rogelio Ray Martinez (Coalition for Mexico), in District 11, failure to comply «with the requirement of indigenous autoadscripcion», both characters and the new party Alliance (Panal) presented resources of reconsideration.
And they succeeded in its mission.
The argument that admitted the room Superior is that demand for challenging coalition together we will make history, who ran the integrated formula by Yanet Martínez Domínguez and María Magdalena Hernández Méndez, was presented out-of-four days established by law».
Therefore established the plenary of the upper room, «remained firm district computation and record of most and the validity of the granted election to the formula composed of Roberto Antonio Rubio Montejo and Rogelio Rayo Martínez, nominated by the Coalition ‘ all by» Mexico'».»
According to Chiapas parallel, the usurpation of indigenous identity in this case not only gave, but that he is also failed with gender parity, since a woman had to be the winner of the seat corresponding to the indigenous tojolabal of Las Margaritas.
The local media also explained that, in the vote in the upper Chamber on this case, six of the justices voted in favour and only one against, Kings Rodríguez Mondragón.
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