translated from Spanish: Paulsen is not alone: Undurraga (Evópoli) also goes out to scratch the court to La Moneda and defends the autonomy of Congress

With his left foot, the government set out in his strategy of installing a commission of experts to introduce changes to the system of admissibility and unconstitutionality of the bills pending in Congress. President Sebastián Piñera’s announcement received not only a resounding rejection from the opposition, but also from the table of the Chamber of Deputies (controlled by Chile Vamos), which also turned its back on The Currency’s proposal.
First it was Diego Paulsen (RN), who chose to give an institutional signal as the speaker of the House and, through a statement, reminded the Executive that «the National Congress is an independent power.»
This day, at the beginning of the session of Sala, the first vice-president of the Chamber, Francisco Undurraga (Evópoli), reiterated the position of the corporation’s table.
«I would like to reaffirm what is publicly held yesterday by the President of the Corporation, Mr. Diego Paulsen, being the official position of the table, where the only seat where any amendment to the process of declaring the admissibility of bills should be discussed is the National Congress,» he said.
In course, Undurraga dismissed the idea of the committee of experts – composed of «expelers, academics and experts» – launched by the Government, noting that the Corporation itself already has a path in this area. «We regret that the President has not taken this already advanced work into account and we hope that any pre-legislative work will be in addition to these efforts made by this Corporation,» he said.
It also stated that «as a table we have implemented a number of measures to give certainty to Members of how draft laws are allowed to be allowed to be handled», recalling that for each inadmissible bill, a legal report of the General Secretariat is available or constitutionalists from different sectors are consulted.
«In addition, a permanent working table was being started between the lawyers of the Chamber of Deputies, Senate and the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency,» he said.
The position of the House table reinforces what is pointed out by its opposition counterpart, under opposition control, where President Adriana Muñoz (PPD) and Vice President Rabindranath Quinteros (PS) also stepped up the Executive’s intentions.
In the midst of this debate, the Government came out in defence of the Mandate’s proposal. This morning, the Minister General Secretary of the Presidency, Claudio Alvarado, argued that «Parliament’s reaction is very jealous when it has no reason to be so.»
«I am struck by the reaction of the parliamentary world, in no case did it go on to bring the rules. We are raising an opinion, we are not violating any attribution,» the former deputy said, trying to convince his sector without success so far.

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