translated from Spanish: Polola of ‘Nano’ Calderón recounted alleged abuses by Hernán Sr: “I was very afraid”

This day the polola of ‘Nano’ Calderón, Rebekah Naranjo, revealed details of alleged abuse by Hernán Calderón Salinas.Naranjo told that when they lived in the department of the accused “I am in the kitchen, and he arrives. Say hello. He asks me how it’s. I told him I’d been in the house all day. He takes me from behind. He kisses me on every cheek. He takes me by the hip and tells me to rest.” In addition, he revealed that “March 19 (…) I was crouching taking produce from my shop and a person from behind grabbed me. And he tells me I have rich, soft skin and I realize it was him. I was very afraid, I’m still scared, I’m paralyzed.” I started shaking. I stand and close the boxes to run to the piece and he told me I had something in my shorts. There, he comes up to my neck and says ‘little thing well done’. That’s where I realize that what I’d been suspecting was true. I realize I had to leave this department,” he added. Finally, the polola of “Nano” stated that “I was afraid to go to the kitchen, to go out alone to the living room, I was afraid that Nano would get into the tub and I would be alone in the piece. I was afraid that he (Hernán Father) would come in and keep playing.”

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