translated from Spanish: Paris defended Piñera’s right to «move» amid a state of emergency

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, on Monday defended the right and the power of President Sebastián Piñera to move, even if there is a state of constitutional emergency. It should be remembered that the Representative was widely questioned after viralizing a video in which he is seen leaving a wine shop in Vitacura.» The place to which the President of the Republic was authorized according to the travel instructions that establishes essential items, therefore, anyone can go to buy from such premises since it is a food-expending place and also of liquor, and in addition to that it is authorized to make delivery», he began by explaining the Secretary of State.In addition. , as detailed «according to article 24 of the Political Constitution of Chile, the President of the Republic is responsible for the Government and the administration of the State, the President exercises such functions at all times in the territory of the Republic, so that his displacement is not limited to a state of constitutional emergency such as the one we are living», he noted Paris.De this way He added that «the President has the power and the right to move, so that has not led to any rules being contravened.»

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