translated from Spanish: Third Division teams will not be part of the 2020 Copa Chile

The clubs of the Third Division, belonging to the National Amateur Football Association (ANFA), announced that they will not participate in the 2020 Copa Chile to «not incur unnecessary expenses and risks that we may regret». Remember that in last year’s competition, which Colo Colo won, Deportes Concepción, Deportes Rengo, Deportivo Pilmahue, Provincial Osorno and Trasandino said present by the first category of amateur footballMediat a statement, THE ANFA reported that «we have been working seriously and responsibly, preparing in the eventuality of the return to sports activities, which must be responsible and progressive, respecting the protocols and ensuring above all things always protect the health of athletes and in general.» In accordance with the global situation affecting us (Covid-19), a harsh winter that is coming to us and in order not to incur unnecessary expenses and risks that we may regret, ANFA in conjunction with the Third Division has suspended participation in the Chile Cup 2020, defering it by 2021,» he added. In addition, with regard to this campaign, ANFA indicated that they will return to sports when they have the permission of the health authorities, «for the Champion and Runner-up of the Third Division A to join the Second Professional Division in the next 2021 season, as established by the statutes of the Chilean Football Federation».

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