translated from Spanish: Chris Evans has left singleness, now he’s dating Lily James

The Internet has gone mad now that it has been revealed that Marvel’s popular Captain America has left alone, as the American actor was caught in London having a romantic dinner with Lily James and all his fans have become saddened by the news. After a year of the actor declaring that he wanted to leave the sun and marry and then start a family, it seems that his desire to do so has come true.
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According to information from local US media Daily Mail, the couple was caught enjoying a romantic dinner in London, although it had been rumored that Lily resumed her affair with Matt Smith, who were denied when she was seen outside a hotel with Chris.Evans and James were surprised by the lens of the papazines camera at Mark’s Club in Mayfair , when they boarded the same taxi and headed to the Corinthia hotel during the early hours of Saturday last week.
Both tried to escape and take refuge from the photographers, but it was in vain, as they captured everything and proved that they are dating during these days of coronavirus pandemic.

Original source in Spanish

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