translated from Spanish: Corporate Communicators in Chile: «They work like never before and expect to be recognized in the future»

In the pandemic they assumed new responsibilities, but they also feel little appreciation: the corporate communicators of Chile responded to a comparative survey with their prsies and communication pairs of Argentina who held the Eikon Awards for Excellence in Institutional Communication.
Like their transandino colleagues, Chilean communicators are working much more than before and taking on new responsibilities in companies, NGOs and communication consultants.
82% of Chilean communicators say they work more than before the pandemic, against 66% of Argentines.

54% of Chilean PRRs and 50% of Argentines took on more responsibilities in their organizations.
But only 35% of Chilean communicators feel that in their companies they are being more valued than before.

In this sense, the survey of the corporate communication awards that landed in Chile in 2019 indicates that 45% of their transandino colleagues now feel more valued in their communication function during the crisis for the coronavirus pandemic that is negatively impacting almost all companies to varying degrees.
However, Chile’s communication professionals are much more optimistic than Argentines in expecting the profession to be better valued in the future as a result of their efforts during the coronavirus crisis: nearly two-thirds of Chileans believe they will be more valued, against 41% of Argentines.

Two-thirds of Chilean professional communicators also believe that as a result of the pandemic they will have more relevance in their organizations in the future, against only 30% of Argentines, who believe that when it all happens, they will have to fight again to make themselves heard in organizations.

Chileans are also the ones who see the most skeptically of the increase in audiences that have had since the beginning of the pandemic of the media, at least compared to Argentines: 54% admit that it increased its relevance during the crisis, but that they will lose it again, let us not return to a certain «new normal».

Only 29% of Chilean communications experts expect the media’s relevance to remain. Instead, their Argentine peers are less forceful: they believe in almost 40 percent that they did not lose or lose relevance, but the rest is divided between the relevance they collected will later lose it, or directly that they lost it and will never regain it.
In the Chilean survey, half of 28 professionals who responded are consultants, more than a third come from companies, while the rest comes from teaching and communication in the field of public service.
«It is clear that around the world communication professionals are being in high demand in their organizations because of the important component of quality communication that organizations and governments require in the crisis, and it is remarkable how Chilean professionals are optimistic that the effort they are making will serve their profession in the future to be more valued. In that sense they are more optimistic than the Argentinians,» said Diego Dillenberger, editor of The Magazine Image of Argentina and co-founder of the Eikon.
2020 Awards
The Chilean 2020 edition of the Eikon for Excellence in Institutional Communication, represented in Chile by Ediciones GAF, and which have the Academic Support of the Faculty of Communications of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, extended its registration period until July 31 and added an award for the best communication campaign linked to the coronavirus.
Last year, in the first edition of the Eikon Chile, recognized companies and agencies were present at the Awards Award Gala receiving their statuettes: Unilever, Easy, PepsiCo, Arcos Dorados, Huawei, Cencosud, Clínica Sanatorio Alemán, Banco Santander Chile, Novartis, Uber Chile, Centro de Estudios Públicos, Evópoli, Fundación Encuentros del Futuro, Ripley, Metro de Santiago, Fox, Emirates , Urban Communication Group, Inbrax, Reactor, TBWA-Frederick, LLYC, CBR, Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Challenge Levantemos Chile, Tricycles, Speaker, Atomic and Extend.

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