translated from Spanish: They call for strengthening sanitary measures against coronavirus in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Due to the concern of the local medical guild, the Medical College of Sinaloa made a call and recommendations to the general population, the business sector and the Government of the State of Sinaloa to strengthen health measures in the state against coronavirus contagion. The request was made through an analysis table transmitted through the social networks of EL DEBATE, with the participation of Guadalupe Valenzuela Félix, president of the Sinaloense Society of Specialists in Emergency Medicine; Veronica Guadalupe Castro Montero, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics; Oswaldo Arturo Lagunas Uriarte, cardiologist physician specializing in critical coronary care and vice president of the Medical College of Sinaloa; and Julián Fernando Cruz Rivera, anesthesiologist at Los Mochis General Hospital and a member of the Medical College. 
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Hospital saturation should be avoided
The first intervention was made by Oswaldo Arturo Lagunas Uriarte, who commented that Sinaloa is one of the states in Mexico most hit by the pandemic, and although the new normal has already begun, in week 28 since the beginning of the pandemic was declared in Mexico, the state remains in red focus, and that is why they have been promoting since the first of July the challenge of 22 days for your life , which consists of complying with the sanitary measures in the conclusion. For its part, Verónica Guadalupe Castro is aware of a Synaloian population very relaxed with health measures in the face of new normality, and the fact that many hospitals are reopening care for other diseases, coupled with new cases of COVID-19, believes that it could cause hospital saturation, which is even seen many people looking for medicines and oxygen to care for their patients : ‘It is not the same to get sick little by little, to fall all at the same time; there will be no doctor, there will be no one to attend to you, there will be no place where they take care of you, there will be nothing to care for you,» he lamented.
Complying with health measures
Due to the recent increase in cases, both Verónica Castro and Guadalupe Valenzuela invited the population to know the rules of the new normal, maintain the use of mouth coverings in public spaces, maintain the healthy distance of two meters, avoid conversations without healthy distance and closed public spaces, opting for open spaces; as well as avoiding convivialities and meetings; at home and office it is proposed to maintain ventilated and disinfected spaces, as well as to strengthen hygiene measures. Doctors need support 
The doctor Julián Fernando Cruz Rivera commented that there is no prudence of people in the new normal, as he notes that most are not using head coverings, which produces more contagion and increases the hospital burden for medical staff, who do his best to care for patients in a warm and human manner. The anesthesiology specialist believes that work has been done by governments and the medical guild to provide the best care to the population, who should be interested in maintaining the measures and taking responsibility for their care and care for others. Although there are actions, staff have exceeded expectations, and even sometimes protection equipment for medical personnel has been lacking because of the high demand for it, causing in many cases that medical personnel are affected by coronavirus disease, something they lived in their own experience. Petitions to all sectors
Finally, Oswaldo Lagunas mentioned that the population should be attentive to avoid self-medication and continue with safety measures, informing themselves about signs and symptoms, so that they know when to ask for help and does not get complicated. The Medical College of Sinaloa urged companies, the Government and the authorities to work without sacrifices of the health of the population. Health authorities were asked to make a situational diagnosis of the state’s health system to improve it at present in the face of the pandemic and for the challenges of the future, requesting more staff bases, as trained staff are lacking, as well as increasing the infraeswith a greater number of beds and intensive care areas. On behalf of the entire Medical Guild of Sinaloa, they call for a health committee in Sinaloa to be formed to take into account not only the public health sector, but also the private sector, such as medical colleges, to make strategic decisions during the pandemic. Contagions
With a population of 128,649,565 worldwide, 90 million people would be infected within a year or two. According to these calculations, in Mexico they can die from 900,000 to one million inhabitants, calculating a fatality rate 1.3 percent per expert. In Sinaloa, with a population of 2 million 966 thousand 700 inhabitants, around 2 million 075 thousand 690 Sinaloans (Oswaldo A. Lagunas Uriarte) will be infected. Live
Find out all the recommendations and observations of members of the Medical College of Sinaloa by visiting the Facebook newspaper EL DEBATE: Call to the Sinaloans in the face of the pandemic

Original source in Spanish

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