translated from Spanish: Jujuy: fines of up to 340 thousand for those who gather on Friend’s Day

The governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, suspended by decree the celebrations of The Day of the Friend and set fines ranging from 40 thousand to 340 thousand pesos for whom they incuck the provision. Jujuy’s situation is delicate, going from no contagion to 667 cases in recent weeks. “I said it, let’s stop with the friends for a month. They are wrong,” Morales said during the report of the provincial Emergency Committee’s day. Morales confirmed the decision he made during his presentation at the conference given by President Alberto Fernández, in which details were given about a progressive easing of quarantine. “We don’t want to pay for broken dishes and consequences 10 days later,” he said in reference to possible festivities.” There were three different origins in the regrowths we suffered,” he said. One of them, he explained, had to do with two people who crossed to Bolivia to buy and, on their return, returned with the disease. Days ago, the Jujeño representative had warned that social gatherings were one of the main causes of coronavirus contagion, due to relaxation around prevention measures.

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