translated from Spanish: The best photos of the Neowise comet as it passed through Mexico

The Neowise comet will be seen again for another 6,800 years.
You will be at its most visible point between July 22 and 23.

Comet Neowise has dazzled in its passage near planet Earth, as it is one of the most important astronomical events of 2020 that will not be seen again until 6,800 years. Although the star C/2020 F3 will still be visible and will be at its closest orbit point to our planet between July 22 and 23, dozens of users have managed to capture amazing images as it passes through the skies of Mexico.
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Best of all, the comet is so bright that it can be viewed without the help of binoculars or telescopes, as shown by images shared by social media users. The photographer Luis Montemayor, for example, shared two beautiful images of the comet that he managed to qualify from the Baths of San Joaquín, in the state of Nuevo León.

This was what the comet Neowise was seen from the Baths of San Joaquin, in Nuevo León. Photo: Luis Montemayor via Twitter

Photo: Luis Montemayor via Twitter

From the sky of the City Zacatecas, Daniel Coronado shared the following photograph:

Photo: Daniel Coronado

From Cancun, Quintana Roo, photographer Roberto Fernández went early for several days to get some amazing images of the comet, one of which was even shared by NASA’s Sky page. In the photo you can appreciate the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, where the temple of the goddess Ixchel is located.
This makes me see that everything was worth it,» he wrote.

The Neowise comet seen from the beaches of Cancun. Photo: Robert Fedez

The photographer Rada SC, meanwhile, shared these images the star taken from San Carlos Sonora.

Photo: Rada SC via Twitter

Photo: Rada SC via Twitter

Andrés Valle took these photographs of the neowise comet from Puebla, with a majestic view of the La Malinche or Matlalcueye volcano.

Photo: Andrés Valle via Twitter

Photo: Andrés Valle via Twitter

The Real Astronomical Observatory of Madrid shared the following image showing the route that the Neowise comet will follow in the coming days, noting that it will begin to appreciate more and more towards the northwest, approaching the constellation of the Big Dipper.

Picture: Twitter @RobsMadrid

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