translated from Spanish: Accepts Sinaloa government, biodegradable products double costs

Sinaloa.- Consequently, that biodegradable products sometimes double the costs of a plastic bag or straw, in Sinaloa it is required to have greater production, stressed the secretary of sustainable development of the state government, Carlos Gandarilla García.Explained that because of the entry into force of the law that prohibits non-biodegradable bags and straws, it is being sought to approach companies that manufacture in Sinaloa and thus lower costs and have more Products.
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He explained that Headquarters was currently in coordination with the secretariat of the economy working on the issue, which it believed would help to comply easily with the changes in the law that came into force on 20 July.
We will continue to look for suppliers to come to Sinaloa to offer favorable conditions, it is a market issue at the end of the accounts and the free market moves supply and demand,» he said.

Since it believes that by increasing the supply of products that meet the conditions that are now required, the prices that currently g put higher costs will be stabilized than a common plastic product that has been used. He recalled that the state was a major producer of primary activities, from where raw materials can be obtained for the generation of products, which would also help make prices more accessible to users.

Original source in Spanish

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