translated from Spanish: Amazon owner sets record wins $13 billion in a single day

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to check the entire world, Jeff Bezos floats like foam in money. It turns out this Monday was a good day for Amazon’s CEO and the world’s richest man, who managed to add $13 billion to his fortune in just 24 hours, breaking any record set in the Billionaires’ Index bloomberg created in 2012.
Since the pandemic began, Bezos has become even richer than it already was thanks to the growth of online sales through its platform, which also increased Amazon’s shares by up to 7.9 percent. According to Bloomberg, sales increased by 73 percent, while Bezos has seen his fortune grow from $74 billion to $189.3 billion. However, Bezos has not been the only millionaire to have seen his fortune grow. According to Forbes magazine, the 25 richest people in the world have also become richer since the pandemic began.
In fact, Bloomberg’s report notes that Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg are some of the people who have benefited from the pandemic. While Elon’s fortune soared to $47 billion during 2020, Zuckerberg added about $15 billion to his pockets.
Either way, in a short time Bezos will have to give some explanations about his company’s unmeasured growth, when he is called to appear for the first time before the United States Congress.

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