translated from Spanish: Minsal warns that malls will reopen in the final stages

Amid the fears of re-enlargements that it has generated among mayors, scientific societies and parliamentarians of the progress of the deconfunding process in several communes since tomorrow, yesterday the Ministry of Health assured that it will listen to the proposals of the specialists and, if necessary, will return back in the measures.
Minister Enrique Paris gave some bigger lights on what he plans. For example, on Channel 13 he said that they are not planning to reopen malls in the future anywhere.
“The malls will reopen when we are already in the almost normal stage. I mean, in the advanced opening, there’s still time for that,” he said.
The aforementioned stage is the one that allows the movement of people between communes without quarantines, the opening of restaurants at 75% of their capacity and the restart of the face-to-face classes. For now, it is a phase that looks far away in large cities, especially in the north center of the country.
Yesterday the Minsal reported 92 deaths from Covid-19 and 2,198 new contagions. While widespread contagion remains, the authority expressed concern about what is happening in the Arica, Tarapacá and Atacama regions, where infections in seven days have increased by 37, 38 and 91% in seven days, respectively.

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