translated from Spanish: Mariachi of women performs Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and impresses

Jalisco.- Mexico is a diverse country in many respects, such as natural, historical, gastronomic and cultural; within the latter stands out mariachi, the most patriotic genre. It’s music that almost everyone who grew up in that country, and millions of other people in other parts of the world. Within his songs can usually be found classic styles and little away from what has a lot of time in the public’s taste, with techniques of interpretation and characteristic pieces of Mexican culture, however, there are also some other innovative groups in this aspect, which bring to life less common works of art.
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Below you will see a video that by its content undoubtedly enters the ‘viral’ rating, but that despite having on facebook more than 15 thousand likes, does not have the credit deserved. About two years ago a video called “Bohemian Rhapsody mariachi Mexican Innovation” was uploaded to Youtube, which by its title is already very explicit.
Mexican women innovating in the mariachi genre. Mariachi women”, was written in the description of the audiovisual material.

In the images you can see a group of approximately 10 Mariachi women playing and singing with great feeling the song Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen. The group is named after you, as you may have noticed, Mariachi Femenil Innovacion Mexicana and is originally from Tonalá Jalisco.

Video mentioned above / Photo: Capture

The material caught the attention of netizens for the feeling of interpretation and for being regarded by many as “a whole work of art”. On Youtube the video already has more than 840 thousand views and almost 40 thousand likes. The video was notoriously made in search of high quality and impact on networks, variety of shots making it not tedious over the minutes.

Another channel on the same platform, called Los Martincillos Al Millon’, uploaded in 2019 a video of the same mariachi of women performing The musical piece of Queen live, the recording was made on the streets of some Mexican city, presumably in the state of Jalisco.

This group of women has its own channel, which bears exactly the same name “Mariachi femenil Mexican innovation”, and that offers some videos performing all kinds of songs, both in English and Spanish, also pieces of mariachi of a lifetime and adaptations.

Home of the Mariachi /Photo Youtube Channel: Capture

Among his most important videos are the aforementioned song, as well as ‘La Calaca’, ‘Ay amor’, in collaboration cn Jessica Duval, ‘La malagueña’, ‘Mi niña Bonita’, ‘Marry you’ and many more videos where you will listen to his songs whether live or not.

Photo: Video Capture

Original source in Spanish

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