translated from Spanish: Social media at the service of entrepreneurs

What began as a pleasure trip ended up becoming for Paula Denegri Segura into the passion of her life. Motivated by her essences she entered a store in Brazil and as she describes it “was love of the first aroma”. The world of handcrafted soaps had caught her and at that moment she decided that that would be what she wanted for her life. 
 He quickly began to study, to try new formulas by merging ingredients, aromas and colors with which he made his first soaps to bring his entrepreneurship “Trocalife” (life change) to life. Shop dedicated to decorative, aromatic artisanal soaps and for the washing and care of the skin.
 “Everything in a self-taught way began to learn and understand. It is an exciting and completely different world from where you go from day to day to a completely new experience with products and sensations, understanding all the composition processes of each of its ingredients because they are products that go directly to the skin of our customers”, explains Paula Denegri.
 Today the business has four years of life, and one and a half established in the Sotomayor 185 store. With her family she returned from Santiago to Arica and together with her husband and children undertook the adventure that today keeps them fully and dedicated to a new passion.
 One of the keys to Trocalife’s success has been the order and digitization of its promotional and marketing channels. Through a complete strategy in social networks they have managed to boost and maintain their sales together with the specialized advice of the Sercotec Arica Business Center operated in conjunction with the U. de Tarapacá.
 “When we started the store I went to sign up for the Business Center where we were referred with an advisor who has been a great couple. With it we have meetings practically twice a month and that business advice is super important because they are driving you, all together we are a great cog that works in an order that has delivered the center to us,” he said.
 “At the same time, with the support of the center, I was able to enter the Falabella Marketplace and launch the English training program called ‘Pollipta’, to improve my business opportunities in the international market.”    
 Today 60% of Trocalife’s sales are made online and the remaining 40% is face-to-face, “and online I don’t mean just the page where people come in and can buy, for me online is when people talk to me through our networks and through them we make a sale; even if they then pick up the product in the store, it’s not that you stopped by the store and bought, for me that’s physical.”
 As for many entrepreneurs the social outburst and pandemic generated a decline in their sales, however, social networks have allowed Paula Denegri to sustain the business by exploring new marketing channels, working hand in hand with respect and passion for a better quality of life for its clientele “and leaving nice footprints in each of our actions”, he concludes.
 Contacts: / Instagram (@trocalife) / Facebook (@trocalife) / whatsapp business (+56 9 9547 4492) / Sotomayor 185 (in front of Plaza del Roto Chileno).
 For more information about the Sercotec Arica Business Center operated in conjunction with U. de Tarapacá, please visit the page.

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