translated from Spanish: Deputy Andrés Celis seeks to annul case against him in the Supreme Court of RN: objects to the participation of undersecretaries of government

Relying on the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and alleging his right to Due Process and the Impartial Judge, Deputy Andrés Celis Montt filed an injunction with the Supreme Court of National Renewal seeking to object to the votes of the Undersecretaries of Crime Prevention and Agriculture who allowed a disciplinary case to be opened against him for reporting that Deputy Diego Schalper was attempting to influence votes to reject the project 10% withdrawal of the planned funds.
In the letter, the parliamentarian argued that there is a manifest inability of the Under-Secretary for Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell and the Under-Secretary of Agriculture, José Ignacio Pinochet, and that they had a current and verifiable interest, which prevented them from acting with freedom, prudence, distance and weighting. This is also based on Celis’s open political opinion of voting in favour of 10% when Schalper was trying to persuade MSs Ramón Galleguillos and Aracely Leuquén to align the Government’s opinion.
“According to government officials, I deserve that an investigation be opened against me for making known unacceptable facts committed by another parliamentarian of the party itself, who is not subjected to the same ethical inquiry, perhaps because his performance was in line with the political option expressed and sustained by the government officials I now challenge” Deputy Andrés Celis explained.
With regard to the judicial edge of the case, the legislature reported that MeP Leuquén has already testified, who acknowledged the circumstances in which she spoke with Schalper; In addition, the statements submitted by her and Celis are coincidental. In the coming days, the 15th District MP will have to come and deliver his version of events.
Finally, on the threat complaint against the 7th District Deputy, early results of the IDI Cybercrime Brigade are expected; this, in the context of the various investigations carried out by frightening parliamentarians for their legislative work.

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