translated from Spanish: After more than 400 thousand withholding requests: Constitution Commission set project vote allowing payment of food debts with withdrawal of 10%

During hours this afternoon, the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies initiated the processing of the project that allows the payment of alimony debts through the withdrawal of 10% of planned savings. Finally, the vote was set for tomorrow Tuesday, August 4.
According to information from La Tercera, the Ministry of Justice, through a short law sent yesterday, seeks to expedite the procedure and extend the powers of judges for the process of withholding the funds of food debtors, although at the session of the committee, which was attended by the speaker of the Supreme Court Gloria Ana Chevesich, and the president of the National Magistrates Association, María Soledad Piñeiro, the judiciary expressed technical qualms at some points of the initiative.
According to the spokes force, Gloria Ana Chevesich, more than 221,000 requests for withdrawal withholding had been filed by Saturday, August 1. However, he reported that until yesterday, the number doubled to 421,892 requests.
For his part, Deputy Matthias Walker (DC) announced that the committee was summoned to the committee tomorrow between 11:00 and 1:00 hours the draft will be voted on in general and in particular.

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