translated from Spanish: Mayor of Central Station calls for protocol for supermarket packers to return to their jobs

The President of the Association of Municipalities of Chile (Amuch) and Mayor of Estación Central, Rodrigo Delgado, who met with young people who served as packers, asked Economy Minister Lucas Palacios for a special protocol so that this group of workers can resume their duties.
Following the covid-19 pandemic, this source of income was paralyzed throughout the country. Hundreds of supermarkets decided to suspend service on a health recommendation from the Ministry of Health.
The building of Central Station met with the young people to learn in detail about their complicated employment situation. «They told me that the reasons for the suspension of their source of income were by sanitary precautions in the Covid context and it is understood, but it is unacceptable that they are stripped of their only source of work. For this reason, I also spoke with the health authority to develop the protocol quickly so that they can return to their duties.»
It should be noted that these workers do not have a contract because they are considered volunteers. They do not have a fixed salary and are collecting their income thanks to client tips. It should be noted that packing in a supermarket is a common job choice for those who study in institutes or universities. This is because of the schedules and flexibility you have compared to a full-time contract job.

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