translated from Spanish: Governor says Tabasco is going to ban the sale of junk food to minors

Tabasco.-Adam Augusto López, governor of Tabasco anticipated that the entity will possibly join the ban on the sale of junk food to minors, after the Oaxaca Congress became the first state to ban the sale of sugary drinks and high-calorie foods to children and adolescents. He advanced that next week he will send an initiative to the local legislature for review of deputies, which envisages reforms to the General Law on State Health, in terms of the sale, distribution and promotion of unhealthy products for minors in Tabasco.
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The decision made by the state representative is due to the tragic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, which has affected people with obesity, diabetes and hypertension problems, and which are associated with poor feeding practices that show poor nutrition from an early age, explained Augusto López.

Tabasco governor Adam Augusto Lopez said that children should be improved. | Debate

He recommended that parents return to the diet of families that was done many years ago with traditional products, and from this children are educated with a better diet, that avoids them developing diseases such as obesity or diabetes. In addition, the reform that aims to promote the sale of junk food to minors in Tabasco will be accompanied by the subject Healthy Living, which will be included in the curricula of schoolchildren as part of support for the national strategy. In addition, he advanced that the government of the entity will seek to pay children with nutritious food, based on the economic situation of families, to avoid the consumption of foods with high calories. It is important to mention that on August 5, the Congress of Oaxaca approved the initiative presented by Deputy Magaly López Domínguez, which won a total of 31 votes in favor of the rest of the legislators, which proposes additions to section 20 Bis of the Law on the Rights of Children and Adolescents of Oaxaca, which in addition to prohibiting the sale of these products , you may not sell, give away, distribute or promote unhealthy products to minors. The ban on the sale of sugary drinks and high-calorie foods to minors in Oaxaca, clarified that it will be a similar measure to the sale of cigars and alcohol that applies to these vulnerable groups, was clarified. This addition to local laws has generated the anger of entrepreneurs of these business turns. You may be interested:Mexico exceeds 50,000 deaths and counts 462,690 cases of COVID-19INE will work to make elections not a victim of Covid-19: Lorenzo Córdovaregresan to his jobs 5.7 million workers in Mexico: Inegiegi

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