translated from Spanish: The opposition march began in the city centre and squares across the country

After 17 hours began the march called by the opposition of Juntos por el Cambio by the scandal of vip vaccines that caused the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, to resign. The call was motorized from social networks under the hashtags #27FYoVoy and #27FTodosALasCalles and although it has as its epicenter the Porteño Obelisk and the Plaza de Mayo, it is repeated in different parts of the country. 
“The @proargentina in the fight against privileges and the K oligarchy,” the party’s president, Patricia Bullrich, wrote on her Twitter.Although the call began only at 17 o’clock and the bulk of the audience is expected at 18 o’clock, there were scenes of tension in Quinta de Olivos as a group of people with CGT T-shirts were also summoned and crossed paths with opponents of the government.
It is hoped that with the running of hours more public accumulation, especially in the Obelisk and the Plaza de Mayo.En Mar del Plata, Mario Negri held in statements to the press that “there is outrage of the people” and that “what is left over is political immorality of the Government”, in reference to the case of the so-called “VIP vaccination”. Meanwhile, Lousteau participated in the protest in Plaza de Mayo, where he stated: “There is a culture of state appropriation that makes the state not get where it needs to go, but it was never as explicit as it is now.”

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