translated from Spanish: Providence prepares with strong control plan to exit quarantine

The mayor of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei, on Thursday accounted for the control plan by the municipality in the framework of the quarantine uprising and the beginning of the Transitional stage in the commune that begins to rule from Monday. In this sense, the community chief warned that parks, squares, commercial axes and whereabouts will be being taxed, where fines of up to 50 million pesos are being held. He even stated that parents will be fined if children are detected at children’s games in parks and squares, risking very high fines. In addition there will be civilian personnel patrolling and auditing in the commercial axes, in addition to those who enter and leave the commune.» This move to Transition can’t mean free chipe, it can’t mean that everyone feels like the virus no longer exists, like we’ve defeated it. We need to be more careful than ever,» Matthei said at the opportunity, and said that «we are working with the transport authorities, we already know what are the whereabouts where there are more people in general.» He also called on neighbors to report whether they see cases of irresponsibility in the care of health measures, demanding the use of the mask and physical estrangement. In that vein, the mayor said that «we’re going to be very fierce in what it means to control.» The mayor made these statements on a visit to mayor Alicia Cañas in Francisco Bilbao with Los Leones to visit the Plaza to inspect how the demarcation takes place on the lawn and in the seats. The mayor was also consulted for the return to the classrooms, an opportunity in which she emphatically pointed out that «I see no possibility of resuming face-to-face classes during this year», arguing that 85% of the students who run the municipality belong to other communes.

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