translated from Spanish: They arrested a thief after stealing from Recoleta and wearing an electronic anklet

A young man who had an electronic anklet in place was arrested on charges of having committed a bank outlet in Recoleta after following a man who had withdrawn $10,000 from a bank in the microcenter. According to the Télam news agency, the detainee himself recounted that the anklet had it placed because of a cause of gender-based violence in Federal Capital in which he was imposed a perimeter restriction and monitored so that he would not approach his former partner. The arrest was made by Troops of the Summary and Brigades Division of the Communal Police Station 2 on Agaero Street at 1700, where a group of people called for help and shouted «there is the jet!»

The troops managed to reduce and stop in that place a young man who, according to testimony, moments before had gotten out of the back of a motorbike, blew up the window of a Ford Focus car and stole his driver a $10,000 backpack that was recovered. The defendant was arrested at the disposal of the Criminal and Correctional Court Number 56, in charge of Alejandro Litvack in a case labeled as «attempted robbery and injury», since by the blowing of the window, the victim suffered cuts to the face.

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