translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: they opened a drive-in in the town of Canning

In full coronavirus quarantine, the entertainment industry adapts to the “new normal”. That’s why this Thursday Multiplex Canning inaugurates a drive-in in the parking lot of Las Toscas Shopping.The sanitary protocol includes temperature control, hand disinfection, mandatory clogged, ticketing or online food. To get the tickets you can click here. Access to the drive-in is up to 40 minutes before the function, and access will be via Juan G. Díaz Street. According to the property on its official website, it costs 1200 pesos per car, which can have up to four people. In turn, all staff must also have masks and beards.
Films featuring the programming include “Jurassic Park 3,” “Grease,” “Call 3,” “Fast and Furious 7,” “An Abominable Friend” and “The Secret Life of Your Pets 2.” Looking for the day of childhoods held on Sunday, there will be special features with four films: “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, “Bumblebee” and “My Favorite Villain 2”. The truth is that the boom of the cinemas continue to grow: so they have already created one in San Juan and also in San Isidro, both with movies for all tastes and to enjoy as a family.
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