translated from Spanish: Carlos Villagrán talks about the romance he lived with Chespirito’s Wife

After the recent release of television around the world, El Chavo del Ocho is at the center of the controversy, as several frictions and past conflicts between the actors come to light again, as well as the motives that led some of its protagonists to leave the humorous program.
Undoubtedly the angry Doña Florinda and the smug one of her son Quico were two of the most emblematic characters of the series, because thanks to their funny personality they managed to steal the hearts of the public. However, Florinda Meza and Carlos Villagrán took their relationship further, maintaining an affair while participating in the show, and the actor revealed details about it during an interview with Chilean channel Radio Mitre.
Villagrán and Meza have no relationship at present, because after Quico’s departure from the program both distanced the property completely and broke any kind of contact. He also recalled that the romance they had is already an old topic, but that every time they interview him comes out.
“That’s over forty years ago. Half a century. It was more of a friendly thing than anything else. I’m going to tell you something that nobody believes me. But I’m going to tell you. They say to me ‘You walked with Doña Florinda’, and I said ‘No, Florinda walked with me because she was the one who looked for me.’ It’s very rare to be told that,” the actor said.
In previous interviews, the actor has commented that the romance she had with Meza was “extramarital”, for her part, the actress has mentioned that it was a “mistake” she has no regrets about.
On the other hand, the actor confessed that at the end of his relationship with Florinda Meza, he asked Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who was the producer of the show and played the “Chavo”.
“It was a short time. He also went with Enrique Segoviano, the director of the program and with Chespirito, was his wife and we respect him as such. I asked Chespirito for help because I couldn’t do that relationship anymore. I shouldn’t say it by gentleman, but it happened like this. I’m done with her and she makes a terrible fuss. I told Chespirito. He says he’s looking at ‘right now, we’re going to record, stay in your position’ and when he told me that Roberto felt the air was purer,’ the actor said.

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