translated from Spanish: NGO asks to investigate if there is network behind the case of child abuse in Puerto Vallarta

Collectives of Jalisco presented on Monday a series of demands for various state authorities, from the prosecutor’s office to the local human rights commission, for the case of the minor who suffered sexual abuse in a vehicle by an official of the Directorate of Citizen Security of Puerto Vallarta. Among these demands is to go to the bottom of the investigation and profile of the official and investigate who could cover it up. 
“Part of the demands are that both the Puerto Vallarta City Council and the public prosecutor’s office should conduct all the corresponding investigations to determine who might be related to the protection of this former function, because we have detected, in the investigation folder, that it was moving in certain areas,” said Sandra Quiñones, coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights (Cladem) in Vallarta. 
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The activist noted that it is up to the city council to report whether, for example, at the time the official was working for dependency, comptrollership or any of its bosses received complaints of abuse or sexual assaults on both workers and female users. 
Prosecutor’s office, Quiñones warned, must make all these lines aimed at investigating what is behind it, “because it is known, it is a secret to the voices, even if in Vallarta you do not want to recognize or accept, that we are a destination of sex tourism in children’s matters and if we are concerned that it is an official of the Directorate of Public Security who has been found in flagrance in this particular case”. 
This fact, the activist stressed, “leaves us many questions and it is these instances that must answer them, so that once necessary data can be initiated investigations and if there are more crimes and more people, let the prosecutor’s office start the necessary folders”. 
The case of the child under 10 sexually violent in Puerto Vallarta on July 26th, the collectives pointed out, it adds to the 67denuncias that exist in the Port for child sexual abuse in the first half of the year and the 738 complaints in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara (Guadalajara 189, Zapopan 180, Tlajomulco 116, Tlaquepaque 96, Tonalá 90).
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On the failures committed so far in the investigation, Quiñones, claimed that there were elementary failures, such as not retaining the former official’s electronic equipment.  “That raises the question of what information they might have or why they didn’t keep this person’s phone.”
In addition, the victim’s father has not been called upon to testify, nor has it been made testimony of the place where the alleged assailant uploaded the child to the vehicle, “when these are basic evidence that prosecutor’s office should have collected from the outset for the integration of the folder and still not today these steps are still not performed. If they arrive with a folder under these conditions, he will not stand the trial,” Quiñones said. 
Regarding the federal government’s Financial Intelligence Unit blocked the bank accounts of the former officer identified for abuse, who was already separated from office, and Judge Jorge Luis Solís Aranda of the Justice Center for women, for finding irregular movements, Quiñones noted that the collectives called for respect for due process and human rights in all cases. 
“When they get violent, because they give these media ads, violations are committed and this rather than helping victims hinders access to justice and has no greater impact,” Quiñones warned. 
The collectives, among these Cladem, the Collective Mujeres Puerto Vallarta, the MAM Collective, Vallarta FEM, Collective Puerto Feminista, also demanded, in press conference, to stop the cut in Jalisco to the budget to prevent, eradicate and sanction violence against women and girls. 
Despite the increase in cases and high rates of impunity in crimes against women and girls, they noted, the government of the state of Jalisco made budget cuts to the cross-sectional annex for gender equality, through Decree 27912/20. 
The total budget allocated, the activists said, was 921 million pesos, but with the current month’s decree budget cuts were made to the items serving women and girls in this annex by almost 30 million pesos. 
“It is regrettable that the priorities in public spending for the current administration is the path of the mega-smed, of buying luxury cars in the middle of breadand cut priority resources for the advancement of women and girls in Jalisco,” they said. 
Some of the cuts affect the institutional capacities of the state government and the prosecutor’s office, which has had the budget cut by one million pesos.
“This is serious because there is no evidence to show that violence against women is declining in Jalisco, and more than 30 million are still cut to programmes that address its prevention, sanction and eradication,” the collectives said. 
In the face of this is that they launched a series of demands, such as:
– Budget cuts under the Annex are re-refunded
cross-cutting for gender equality.
Prioritisation and increase the amounts allocated to programmes and actions
government prevention, care, sanction and eradication
violence against girls and women.
– Draft budget 2021 ensures sufficient resources in
prevention, care, sanction and eradication of violence
against women and girls.
– Deliver a report by the municipality’s comptroller’s comptroller, with respect to the
investigation of the official’s conduct since his reinstatement
until his dismissal, to know and determine whether he acted alone or in a manner
protected by other peers, as well as whether there were elements that give
light to previous complaints or complaints from him.
– We continue to demand the report of the actions taken from 2015 to the
public policy issues on violence against
women and girls, especially sexual violence.
– In addition, a report of prevention and care actions
trafficking for sexual purposes.
– Implement judicial staff assessment mechanisms for the purpose of
confirm that they have the knowledge and tools of the utmost
protection of rights.
– Judges who will be in the court attached to the
justice for women, so that women can provide maximum protection for girls
and women.
– That Judge Bernardo Salazar Rodríguez be reassigned to the court attached
to the women’s justice center in Puerto Vallarta, as he is a courthouse
gender perspective.
– The designation of a gender-based MP who carries the
command and conduct of the Research Folder investigation.
– Expanding the line of investigation to offences of illegal deprivation of
freedom and attempted child prostitution.
– That all necessary steps be taken to ensure that the Public Prosecutor’s Office
Puerto Vallarta Regional has the management of crimes against women
gender and human trafficking and that the folders carried by the
regional address of the prosecution to be carried by this direction.
– That administrative and criminal files be initiated before the comptroller’s
to review the actions of staff in the integration of the
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