translated from Spanish: Minister Paris in scoop against “Russian Roulette”, phrase used by Public Space: “We deserve respect”

“Where are we? We don’t know (…) The path that the government has followed is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with bullets in at least two of the reels (spaces) of the revolver”, is linked to the report released this week by Public Space, where he talks about questions about COVID-19 in the Metropolitan Region.
Because the Ministry of Health’s daily balance sheet is no longer done every day through the national chain, the portfolio minister, Enrique Paris, had not been able to respond. That finally happened this Wednesday.
In the balance sheet, Paris did not mention them directly, as he argued that “we deserve the respect of some research, study or thought centres that use very unfortunate phrases to refer to the work of the Ministry of Health.”
In the round of questions, it was again addressed by this topic, adding: “On Russian roulette it is not for me to review”.
“Talking about Russian roulette is an unserious and unserious term, and also accusing our health officials,” he said.
On the sayings, he called them “aggressive and derogatory motes on the work done by this Ministry of Health”.

Original source in Spanish

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