translated from Spanish: Raúl Morón reports that he has invested more than 70 million pesos in Tenencia de Santa María de Guido and Colonia Trincheras

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to promote the optimal conditions for integral development and the generation of well-being in the population of one of the most lagging polygons of Morelia, the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, has invested more than 70 million pesos during the two years of his administration, both in the tenure of Santa María de Guido , as in the Trenches de Morelos colony, for the realization of works that meet the needs of the region.

In the report that the municipal president made this afternoon before law enforcement officers and heads of tenure, which represented the last delivery of results to the population of the two years he has served in office, the numerous actions that have directly impacted the living conditions of society were celebrated.
In the Tenancy of Santa María de Guido, the Government of Morelia, has invested 51 million 564 thousand 055 pesos, for a series of actions such as the construction of the King Nezahualcóyotl Square, the restoration of the quarry railings of Plaza Heroes de la Independencia, the repacking and improvement of banquets of the King Tanganxoan road, the paving of The Avenue La Joya , the renovation of Francisco González Bocanegra, Manuel José Othón, Manuel Acuña and Ramón López Velarde streets, as well as the placement of drinking water and drainage networks and the change of led luminaires.

Meanwhile, in the Trenches colony of Morelos, Raúl Morón, allocated 21 million 879 thousand 110 pesos, with which the construction of the sports space and public square Toma de Oaxaca was carried out, as well as infrastructure work in the streets Miguel Lerdo de Tejada and Cenobio Paniagua.
With this kind of actions and pipeline of federal and municipal resources, which generate a real change in the way the population lives is like in the administration of Raúl Morón Orozco, We transform Morelia.

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