translated from Spanish: Piñera: “I want a Constitution in which a democratic state is clearly established”

During this day President Sebastián Piñera was interviewed in the program “En Persona”, led by Cristián Warnken, referring in this space regarding different topics, such as the Plebiscito of 25 October, the social outburst of last year and the crisis that is being experienced in La Araucanía. In particular, in the face of the October plebiscite, Piñera insisted on the idea of maintaining the dismay in the campaign and avoiding externalizing his position, despite the strong questions in his sector, including a harsh appeal on the part of Senator Ivan Moreira, who hope that the President will speak in favor of “Rejection”. Piñera said that “Inside Chile We go there are differences within the parties, and there are differences between the parties. Then some people call me lean over here or lean over there. So, I prefer for Chile Vamos and for Chile to dedramatize the Plebiscite. It is not the end of the world, adding that “I find it much more important than discussing the road, that is, which port we want to reach, where we want that road to lead us. That’s why I’ve emphasized what Constitution we want.” “The cabinet is very divided, Chile Vamos is very divided, and I do not think it is the most important thing (the result of the Plebiscite). The most important thing is the destination port.” The President further stated that “we have been arguing for months as if the world were ‘Apruebo’ or ‘Rejection’. For me it is two paths, and I hope that both roads will reach a port that is a serious, responsible agreement, so that the Constitution that we hope will guide us for the coming decades, be respected and legitimized by all.” Asked about what the next Constitution would like the next Constitution to look like, considering total change or through reforms, said: “I want a Constitution in which a democratic state is clearly established, with separation of powers and autonomy of powers. Not that a power invades others as has happened in so many parts of the world. I want a constitution to be played for values. For the value of life, the value of the family, the value of human rights, the value of equal opportunities, the value of environmental protection, the value of parental law on the education of their children. I want a Constitution in which the autonomy of institutions such as the Central Bank, the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Courts, the electoral courts, and much more are established and respected.”

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