translated from Spanish: Honduras approaches 59,000 cases and accumulates 1,827 deaths per Covid-19

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- The Honduran authorities reported on Friday about 1,141 new coronavirus contagions, with which the total figure increased to 58,810, while the deceased exceeded 1,800, the National Risk Management System (Sinager) reported. Francisco Morazán’s department, in the center, where the capital is located, took over most of the new cases, 235 of those reported today, followed by Cortés, in the north, which remains the epicenter of the pandemic, with 205 cases, indicated the organization in radio and television network.
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Francisco Morazán y Cortés, who also have the highest death rate, are followed by Olancho, who added 156 cases on Friday; Santa Barbara, with 113, and Atlantis, with 75 contagions. The Honduran agency also recorded that 883 people are hospitalized for infection with the disease, of which 655 remain stable, 183 in severe condition and 45 in intensive care units nationwide. The new people who died from the pandemic are 24, of which 10 were from Francisco Morazán, according to the official report.

Covid-19 statistics in Honduras/@Covid19Honduras

The coVID-19 fatality rate in Honduras, a country with 9.3 million inhabitants, of which more than 60% are poor, is 3.1%. For patients who have recovered, Sinager indicated that the figure has risen to 10,076, with 490 new cases. Covid-19 suspected death prisoners rise
The National Penitentiary Institute of Honduras reported today that 38 prisoners have died in the country’s prisons with symptoms of coronavirus, but so far only one has been confirmed that the disease was the cause of death.

People in Honduras use the cover as part of health protocols to covid-19/EFE

In addition, he reported 488 cases of the disease and 1,203 inmates who have managed to recover from the coronavirus in the 25 prisons of the Central American country. The Prison Institute indicated that active cases are kept in isolation zones enabled in prisons under medical supervision and pending further testing to determine whether they are free of the virus. Doctors attribute the high recovery of prisoners to the «coordinated and team work» of specialists assigned in criminal centres, the Ministry of Health and departmental health regions, he added. They also highlighted the support of the National Risk Management System, the Standing Committee on Contingencies (Copeco) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), among other institutions.
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