translated from Spanish: Criticize indication that seeks to reduce quotas for persons with disabilities at the Constituent Convention

The indication entered by Senators Rodrigo Galilea and Rafael Prohens of RN together with Carmen Aravena, of Evópoli, seeks to reduce from 10 to 1 percent the quotas reserved for persons with disabilities before a possible constituent organ.

About 150 organizations expressed discomfort through a letter sent to Congress, in which they reject an indication that seeks to reduce the quotas reserved for applications for people with disabilities at the constituent convention. The various bodies working in favour of inclusion called the initiative «regrettable» because «This indication is not in the interest of promoting the political participation of persons with disabilities but quite the opposite: perpetuating exclusional logics to a group of the population that has historically lacked policies aimed not only at universal accessibility or inclusion , but concrete barriers to the proper exercise of their political rights.» Regarding representativeness, Jaime Ramírez, professor at the Center for Critical Disability Studies at the University of Chile, noted that for the constituent process to be legitimate «it must be representative of all the groups and groups that are part of the country, and by the way, disability is not their decision. We are 16.7 percent of the population and we are organized and ready to fight for that right.»

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