translated from Spanish: Jimena Baron: did you go back to Maura Caiazza?

The find was of Juariu, who is an expert in researching the celebrities, and her last success would seem to be the reconciliation of Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza. The actress and singer is far from the media and social media and the last time we saw her, she was in a reconciliation plan with Momo’s father, but apparently things didn’t work out and in an airtight silence the relationship would have ended. Now it appears that Bendita Tv panelist Juariu found clues that would associate Jimena with Mauro, in the video captured by the influencer, Caiazza is seen walking down the street, and in the background you can hear Jimena’s laughter, or someone very similar to her. 

Then in another story you see a snail, and you hear Baron’s voice, there Juariu’s sharp gaze went further and I try to look for the meaning of what they were wanting to show, we know that celebrities whenever they upload something is with some intent. “I said to myself ‘why a snail?’ Maybe there’s no reason, but for me there’s always a reason. Googlié Mauro ‘Caiazza snail’. Yes, I’m not well but….”, wrote Juariu, who also showed a story of him drinking soup, one of the dishes that Jimena Barón always performs. 

Let’s remember that Jimena and Mauro met in the “Dancing for a Dream” contest in 2018, where together they reached the final and became sub-champions. There was born the romance that lasted a few months, until they separated on good terms. Will there be reconciliation? 

Original source in Spanish

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