translated from Spanish: Opposition accuses inefficiency and omissions of AMLO government

Opposition parties, in their positions on the second Government Report, accused in the Chamber of Deputies that the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been omisa and ineffective in the face of the economic and health crisis by coronavirus.
Clemente Castañeda, of Movimiento Ciudadano, said that Mexico was not mistaken to vote for a change in 2018, however the lack of results has begun to reveal the limits of López Obrador’s government.
The inspiration of this government, the legislator accused, is nostalgia for past practices. The government cannot lead the economy, has decided to continue militarization, and is the number one enemy of clean energy.
The economy, he said, accumulates 18 months in decline. More than 60,000 people have been killed so far from the government, also pointing out about the problem of insecurity.
The legislator criticized Lopez Obrador calling immoral or elitist rescue life support to the hundreds of people who were left unemployed in the health crisis.
He accused it being a lie to say that the pandemic has been tamed and demanded that the government size the crisis in the country in the right way.

The sen. @ClementeCH (MC) argued that, since the legislature began, his party pledged to support the government’s efforts to transform the state and public life, but the lack of results reveals the limits of this administration.
— Chamber of Deputies (@Mx_Diputados) September 2, 2020

Senator Antonio Garcia of the PRD began by mentioning the economic impact on Mexico by the pandemic, noting that despite this emergency the killings reached a «record level».
The legislator said the country is in serious crisis, and López Obrador’s government has not come up with any correct solutions. The crisis, he said, is the result of «bad decisions and omissions from the government,» not just the epidemic. «The 4Q government has proved inefficient,» he accused. Garcia called for an urgent job recovery program to be implemented, and a vital income to be established.
The world and Mexico changed forever in just months, the challenges we face are enormous, he mentioned, and Mexico has not had the best government, «Mexico has had a slow and ignored government,» so it must rectify.
MeP Maria Alemán Muñoz, from the PRI, said that López Obrador offered a green country, developing, at peace, safer for women, and all of that goes about «fixing the economy», which has not happened.
She asked to make the change offered in 2018 a reality, she mentioned that it’s still time to correct the course. He told the president that polarization needs to be put on, to divide society between rich and poor, conservative and liberal.
She noted her disappointment at López Obrador’s inability to recognize the situation of women in Mexico, as they face more inequity and vulnerability to violence. He also accused the militarization of security as a response from the past that did not provide solutions, and it still comes to it.
Senator Sasil de León of the PES said presidentialism came to an end in Mexico, with reforms of popular consultation and mandate revocation. In addition, it acknowledged that the government has not requested credits or increased external debt, «without compromising future generations and prioritizing the most unprotected sectors.»
Ana Lucía Riojas, representing the Now initiative, called for free and fair elections; asked President López Obrador not to get his hands into the electoral process.
She asked for a minute’s silence for the victims of the two pandemics beating the country, violence due to «war» and coronavirus.
Reginaldo Sandoval of the Labour Party argued that the poorest Mexicans and Mexicans have managed to survive the pandemic thanks to the government’s social support.
Previous administrations, he accused, left the health system devastated and a sick society, due to poor nutrition. «This government has done its best with the resources they rely on,» he said.
‘We have the worst government’: Coparmex
The president of the business agency Coparmex, Gustavo de Hoyos, accused that Mexico has «the worst government at the worst time», this in reference to the economic and health crisis by COVID.
However, he said, «in the present Federal Administration there are valuable people, and with it we have
to build.»
Regarding President López Obrador’s speech on Tuesday, he said that «what we Mexicans expected is to find novel proposals to deal with the crisis facing the country, but these issues were absent. The Report passed without grief, or glory, and does not imply any rethinking, novel, that merits a greater comment than we have already heard on a recurring basis by the head of the Federal Executive.»
‘I avoided collapse, but victory can’t yet be sung’
The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, attended the Hall of Protocols of the Chamber of Deputies at about 17:40 a.m. to deliver the Second Government Report.
Sánchez Cordero also gave a message, in which he informed that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will not use his faculty to present preferential initiative at this session.
The federal official noted that the economic and welfare goals that López Obrador’s government set out in the first report had favorable conditions for its implementation, however the pandemic spread around the world and made mandatory extraordinary and unprecedented measures of health.

Delivers @M_OlgaSCordero, @SEGOB_mx holder, to Congress, on behalf of the President, the report that reports the state that guards the public administration. It stated that Mexico was moving forward, with firm pace, on a path of confidence and positive outlook.
— Chamber of Deputies (@Mx_Diputados) September 1, 2020

«Although the pandemic seems to have been contained in most orb countries, victory cannot yet be sung as the risks of upticks and rebounds continue to be presented on five continents,» Sanchez Cordero said.
«Since the declaration of health emergency, the federal government and the governments of the 32 federal entities have coordinated efforts to protect and serve the population. This joint effort has paid off and avoided the risk of collapse of the national health system.

We have prepared for the next steps, so that the reopening of economic, social and educational activities is carried out in a safe and orderly manner. The risk is not over, the pandemic is still present and we must be vigilant to avoid upticks that cause further harm to people and society as a whole,» he added.

As stated in article 69 of the Constitution, today afternoon, the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, presented to congress the 2nd Report of the government that I represent.
— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) September 1, 2020

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