translated from Spanish: Officialism rejected sayings from Aleuy who accused that: “The one that generated the atmosphere of violence in Chile was the Government”

A remeath in officialism led during this day to statements by former Undersecretary of the Interior, Mahmud Aleuy, in which he accused the Government of generating an “atmosphere of violence” in the country, also pointing to a role of President Sebastián Piñera in this factor. Aleuy noted that in El Mercurio that “The one that generated the atmosphere of violence in Chile was the Government. Unless someone tells me that when the President of the Republic says there is a war, that is not violence,” this in the context of his support for the constitutional indictment against interior minister Victor Perez, following his handling in the face of truckers’ unemployment. Aleuy further criticized that “The legal obligation of the Minister of the Interior is to maintain public order.” In response, the head of the RN deputies bench, Sebastián Torrealba, noted that “in Aleuy’s interview it is shown that the sensible, democratic opposition, heir to the Concertation no longer exists. They took the thesis of the PC and FA, proving that they lack conviction, that they forget what they built, the rules of the rule of law. Today they show that they are only joined by power. Dialogue and agreements left them a long time ago, out of fear.” UDI MP Jorge Alessandri said that “there is no worse blind man than he does not want to see. The words of former Undersecretary Aleuy account for exactly that, a popular cry, coupled with an insurrection of violence, which called for a change in many things over the past 30 years. In those last 30 years it has ruled the Concertación for 24 years and has ruled just over six years Chile Vamos. So, repeating what I was saying at first, there’s no worse blind man than the one you don’t want to see.” For his role president of Evópoli, Andrés Molina, noted that “Mr. Aleuy must be reminded that the country in October had reached levels of violence never before seen and the reasons were cumulative, where his left-wing governments had a great deal of responsibility”, adding that “the laws required by truckers, the vast majority were worked at the security table where their chief minister Burgos was making very relevant contributions in the law of intelligence (…) So truckers are rightly suing lawmakers to speed up their approval.”

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