translated from Spanish: Government announces quarantined communes will not be eligible for permission for Fiestas Patrias

The holder of the Segegob, Jaime Bellolio, reported that those communes that are in step 1 will be excluded, that is, that they are quarantined today for the special permit of Fiestas Patrias. “This is a government that listens, it is a government that attends to what the mayors have told us, some authorities, some people (…) We have made a determination that this special transitional permit for 18, 19 and 20 September will exclude those communes that are in step 1, that is, that they are quarantined today,” the government spokesman said. Following criticism by some regional authorities, the Minister Spokesman of Government, Jaime Bellolio, announced this Sunday that communes that are quarantined will not be able to obtain special permission for Fiestas Patrias from the “Fondéate en tu casa” plan, powered by La Moneda. “We have heard the opinion of the people and the authorities,” said health holder Enrique Paris. In this context, Bellolio indicated that “we are particularly concerned about those 15 communes that have been in the same quarantine for less than 20 days. Therefore, listening and knowing that this main concern for people’s health, is that we reaffirm the importance of the plan “Anchor in your house”, which is a celebration with our innermost circle, in which we must take care of them”.

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