translated from Spanish: Trump campaigned in Nevada and questioned the vote by mail

Starting a western tour, U.S. President Donald Trump campaigned Saturday in Nevada trying to expand his re-election options, and offered a barrage of unbased claims that Democrats were trying to rigged the election. Trump challenged local authorities by holding a rally in Minden’s small population, after his original plan to do so in Reno was blocked for fear of violating health recommendations to combat the coronavirus. Over the 90-minute period in which he listed grievances and launched attacks, Trump claimed that the state’s Democratic governor had tried to prevent the act and reiterated his false claim that mail votes would falsage the election result.» This is the man we trust with millions of ballots, unsolicited ballots, and we’re supposed to win in these states. Who the hell is going to trust him?» said Trump about the governor, Steve Sisolak. «The only way Democrats can win the election is by loving them.» As part of their anti-mail voting crusade, attorneys in the president’s campaign have urged a federal judge in Las Vegas to block a state law and prevent ballots from being mailed to all active Nevada voters less than eight weeks after the vote. At a crowded airfield where few people wore masks, Trump spoke to mountains wrapped in mist and smelling smoke in the air due to wildfires in neighboring California. The president expressed condolences to the victims of the fire, though he stated that «I no longer have to be kind» and focused on attacking his rival, Democrat Joe Biden.Trump claimed that the aspiring Democrat to the vice presidency, Senator Kamala Harris, would be president «as in a month» if Biden wins, claiming that the former vice president would be just a straw man and Harris would hold power. The representative assured that the media would treat Biden «like Winston Churchill» only that he could stand in the debate within three weeks. And starting a tour that will include stops in Las Vegas and Phoenix, he mocked Biden’s slower travel schedule. «Do you know where he is now? He’s in his basement again! To round off, Trump remembered his rival in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, leading the audience in his traditional chorus of «Enciérrenla!» The president said he was usually trying to silence the canticle, but on Saturday he said «I don’t care if they say it anymore» and broke another presidential rule by suggesting that Clinton «should be in jail.» He also made a strong defense of his management of the pandemic, which has killed more than 190,000 Americans and continues to claim nearly 1,000 lives a day. And he blamed Democratic governors across the country, including Sisolak, for deliberately curbing reopening in their states to undermine their re-election options. State republicans claimed that Sisolak had tried to prevent the rally, although the decision to cancel the event in Reno was taken by airport managers. Sisolak limited indoor or outdoor acts in May to 50 people, a recommendation based on white house reopening guidelines.Privately, Trump’s campaign staff welcomed the dispute, considering that it gave relevance to one of his campaign’s arguments: Trump’s insistence that the country has overcome a turning point in the pandemic , and that Democrats like Biden and several governors are hurting the economy and the country’s mood with its restrictions. It’s the kind of political fight Trump enjoys, and underscores Nevada’s importance in an increasingly multi-state-centered fight indecisive states.Thousands of people attended the event in Minden, as Tom Lenz, 64, a resident of Sparks, Nevada, who said he had not voted trump in the last election.» But I will this time. I think he knows what he’s doing,» Lenz said. «He is in favor of faith, he is pro-life, he has brought more peace to the world. Biden can’t even talk.» In 2016, Trump gradually lost in Nevada, and the state has tended more toward Democrats over the past decade. But the Republican campaign has invested heavily in the state and resorted to on-the-spot efforts to get voters. Democrats, on the other hand, have relied primarily on campaigning online during the pandemic, except for the Culinary Syndicate of Casino Workers, which has sent workers to make door-to-door visits.

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