translated from Spanish: They catch normalists while stealing merchandise (Video)

Morelia, Mich. – A video broadcast through social networks captured the moment when students of the Urban Normal School “Professor Jesús Romero Flores”, located in the Historic Center of this city of Morelia, steal merchandise from a delivery vehicle from which they seized moments before, according to the information obtained by this news agency in the journalistic work.
With regard to the subject, it was known that on Monday normalists intercepted a van with logos of the brand “Quaker”, dedicated to the sale of cereals. Subsequently, the students stripped the driver of the unit and the motor vehicle was entered into the educational facilities in reference.
After what happened, the students opened the box in which the vehicle carried the products and seized them.
The recording, which lasts 44 seconds, shows the moment the theft is committed and involves at least nine students who load the boxes in which the goods go and enter them elsewhere on the school campus.
It should be noted that a judge recently decreed to link to trial only two normalists out of 23 who were arrested for the theft of a passenger bus in past days. The indeiciated follow the out-of-prison process for the crime of deprivation of liberty, as the same judicial authority determined that pre-trial detention justified by being traceable at their school was not necessary for them.
“These acts only demonstrate the high level of impunity that these student groups have that make their own because they know they will never be sanctioned properly,” an educational source who failed to give his generals for fear of reprisals told this wording.

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