translated from Spanish: They claim that CNDH will continue to be taken despite differences in

CDMX.- Erika Martínez, mother of a victim of sexual abuse, stated that the take-off of the facilities of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) will be maintained, even though Yesenia Zamudio and the National Front Ni Una Menos are removed from the premises, as announced on social media.” We’re still here, we’re not evicting, I don’t want a house, if I go out with a house, they’re all going out with a house. Here I already have my home, this was done for all the families we are in need,” he said.
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We have three girls who arrived in the early morning fleeing the violence of their families, so we no longer have to back down because every day more cases are coming to us and that house has that end,” Erika Martínez explained in a video.

The Ni Una Menos National Front, the Black Bloc, relatives of victims of femicide and disappearance, and other feminist groups have held an argument over the alleged theft of donations transferred to Zamudio’s account.” Please clarify those accounts, which we want clear accounts. Exactly I’ll do the same. I am calm about the money management that is being deposited into my account, which is not much, nothing compared to everything that is being contributed to it, because contributions are being made to it from the United States and other countries, I do not have an account where those deposits can be made to me,” Martinez said. , the Black Bloc also issued a statement to delinte from yesenia Zamudio’s actions and acknowledged his struggle for justice for his daughter Marichuy, a victim of femicide in 2016.
We acknowledge Mrs Zamudio’s struggle and welcome the fact that the Inter-American Court has agreed to review her case. We wholeheartedly wish him every success and find justice,” the Black Bloc said.

For his part, Zamudio made live broadcasts, in which he presented women and relatives of missing persons from different states of the Republic to explain that the money he receives is used in the victims’ transfers to Mexico City.So far, Yesenia Zamudio has not left the CNDH property and the discussion continues within the premises.

Original source in Spanish

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