translated from Spanish: Boca was greeted with streetwalks in Asunción and Libertad asks for new tests

Boca returns to play the Copa Libertadores on Thursday when he visits Libertad from 21.00, amid a controversy over testing and the journey of players who had been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19), who were finally able to enter Paraguay.

The truth is that the Xeneize traveled Wednesday night to Asunción, with the exception of Miguel Angel Russo, who stayed in the country because he was a person considered within the risk group. Upon arriving in the Paraguayan capital, the Boca delegation was greeted with streetwalks that questioned the club’s actions and expressed a joke about what happened with the PCR tests and the Conmebol decision.” You shouldn’t be playing it. Infected mafia bostero,” says one of the posters, while others allude to River’s victories over Boca in recent years: “Assumption, Millionaire Territory. In Mendoza, in La Boca, in the Cup, in Europe”.

Freedom wants new tests
After a first statement opposing players who were strongly targeting Conmebol, Libertad publicly again called for a new round of tests for Boca footballers, although the Argentine team reported that all members of the delegation who traveled came back negative.” Transparency and fair play prompt us to make this request to clear up any reasonable doubts that may arise after all that has happened,” says the brief, in which the club offers to pay for the tests. In addition, the letter criticizes Paraguay’s Ministry of Health accusing it of “violating existing official protocols”, and shoots against Conmebol: “We reiterate our absolute repudiation of the position assumed by Conmebol, which sought to violate its own protocols of safe resumption of competitions, through misguided and interested interpretations of its own rules”.

Official Release of Freedom of Paraguay

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