translated from Spanish: Singing 2020: Luisa Albinoni made the whole jury cry and got the highest score

Luisa Albinoni made her debut on the track of The 2020 Singing, replacing Carmen Barbieri, who encounters health problems.

“I chat with her every day. Carmen, you know I love you, that you’re my great friend. This last time we intertwined in a special way thanks to quarantine and everything that was going on. I hope to live up to the great artist you are,” he said upon entering the studio.

And he explained that he had four days to rehearse since the production offered him the replacement. Beyond that, he broke it! and was demonstrated with the excitement of the jurors in giving their return.

Nacha Guevara scored it with a 10First, big kiss to Carmen. Take good care of yourself, you’re going to be all right. What a nice moment, isn’t it?” indicated the jury and broke into tears. “I’m excited that you had two days of rehearsal and that you came without thinking about it on a 45-year stage. How you can tell a life on stage… I liked what was created, everyone supporting you and hoping you’d do well. You’re going to have time to get better, you’ve taught us a lesson tonight. Thank you. When you go on stage, the one that comes out is the story, and that’s what happened. Huge pleasure.

Karina “La Princesita” added another 10That good to be able to see artists as complete as you, who do everything right and who do not complain. There was so little rehearsal here and it was so cute… I’m a fan of your phrase [“Me tienen las bolas llenas”]. I loved it.

Oscar Mediavilla qualified with his secret voteCoincido with my companions. When the weather is generated that something goes well, it is impossible not to happen, especially with an artist of your career. I’m thrilled that you’re on this track, that you sing so well, that you have that swing that doesn’t get lost, that’s not bought. Good for you.

Moria gave him an 8The engine of an artist must be passion. I want to highlight Mariano’s attitude, which is a figure of musicals, very awarded. I love the attitude you have with your companions, both with Carmen and with Fátima Florez and Luisa. You’re going to love them.” He continued: “There is an angel and a charisma born with you, and I found it divine that your daughter greeted you. It’s nice to have you on the track. They defied a little bit twice, but Luisa you were great, you moved very well. I loved it.

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