translated from Spanish: They record a man beating a woman in Coyoacán; Prosecutor’s Office investigates

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office investigates the aggression perpetrated by a man against a woman in the Ajusco colony of the Mayor Coyoacán, which was reported through social media with a video.
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Through social media, the unit reports that after the broadcast of the video in which the man is seen beating a woman lying in the street, an investigation folder was started for the crime of intentional injuries.

the Public Prosecutor’s Office agent initiated, by criminal news, an investigative folder for the crime of intentional injury.
— CDMX Prosecutor’s Office (@FiscaliaCDMX) September 17, 2020

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, with the support of the Investigative Police was located the place where the events occurred and possible witnesses of the assault, although they could not meet with the victim.
The authorities communicated with the young woman’s relatives, who were encouraged to have the victim report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to provide appropriate accompaniment.
In the video, a man in a blue shirt and black trousers is seen banging on a woman, while hearing people scream to help the victim.
In the face of questions as to why he was beating the woman, the aggressor punched the man who confronted him.

@GobCDMX @Alcaldia_Coy @Claudiashein @AristeguiOnline @NTelevisa_com @UCS_GCDMX @Radio_Formula @ErnestinaGodoy_ No to violence against women let us denounce these deplorable acts. It happened in the early morning of September 15, 2020 in Colonia Ajusco, Mayor Coyoacán
— J Daniel Espino (@JorgeDanielEsp1) September 16, 2020

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According to data from mexico City’s Open Data portal, between January and August of this year there have been 19 calls to number 911 of women who reported being victims of family violence injuries.
Another 480 calls in the same time period were from women seeking advice on what to do in the event of physical family violence.
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